Sharon Stone Possible Plastic Surgeries

Sharon Stone Possible Plastic Surgeries

Sharon Vonne Stone famously known as Sharon Stone, was born on 10 March,1958 to Dorothy Marie and Joseph William Stone. She was an gifted child in academics. She participated in a contest, where one pagent judge told her to leave her studies and to join as a fashion model. She is a famous actress, producer and fashion model. In 1990, her career got a boost with a Dutch film “Total Recall”. With film’s release, she posed nude to show off her muscles in preparation for film. She was among the 25 sexiest stars by Playboy. In addition to this, she worked in Basic Instinct which requires nudity. After this movie, she was named among the top 50 most beautiful people in the World by “People”. In France, she was named as “Officer of the Order of Arts and letters”.

She came to limelight when she did her role in “War and Remembrance” before her achievements in Basic Instinct in 1992. She received numerous of awards and nominations including Golden Globe Award, Emmy Award, Academy Awards and many more to her name. She has appeared in different movies including The practice, Bobby , Lovelace and the most recent one is Mother’s and Daughters. In addition to her above works, Stone received Nobel Peace Prize to promote peace in Middle East with Simon Peres. In 2013, she again received the Peace Summit Award for work with AIDS. IN 2015, she was guest of honor. Sharon Stone plastic surgery have been in news because at this age no one can look so dynamic. She might have undergone facelift and nose job after examining her before and after pictures. She never accepted all these plastic surgeries but her appearance suspect all these rumours.

Sharon Stone  Possible Plastic Surgeries


Stone might have undergone several surgeries but she never confirmed these rumours. According to a tabloid, she has denied for all the suspected surgeries and said “They tried to make me have facelift and I almost gave in”. According to this statement she has denied for surgery but her looks are creating a hype among media and public.

Sharon nose was bigger and bulbous. Now, her shape of nose looks more slimmer and trimmer than before, that suspects the news of rhinoplasty. Her new nose looks good on her face and it is not possible without a help of a plastic surgeon. She might have also underwent many facial fillers and chemical peels. At the age of 58, she fueled some rumours for her breast augmentation with very little change but noticeable. The difference is quite less. Her body still looks youthful and it seems that she follows fitness routine.She reacted to these rumours by saying “I am natural from head-to-toe” and adding that she can’t undergo plastic surgery for altering her appearance.

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