Linda Evans Possible Plastic Surgeries

Linda Evans

Linda Evensstad was popularly known as Linda Evans, was born on 18 Novemeber, 1942 to Arlene and Alba Evanstad. Her parents were dancers and moved to Hollywood in early stage. She gained popularity by playing a role in The Big Valley. In addition to this role, she played a role in Dynasty from 1981 to 1989. She was a part of Hollywood High School and drama came into his life when she took classes in the form of therapy and to cure her shyness.

Linda Evans known for her stunning natural looks, came under the limelight. At an age where ordinary ladies tend to shed their looks, Linda seems to be an exception. Her looks stand unchanged and strong. She is one such names of Television that never fails to take away your breath. Linda at this age looks dynamic and rumours of having plastic surgeries is numerous in order to have her looks perfect. Evans plastic surgery is considered to be most talked in the media. Here are some Pictures From Linda Evans Possible Plastic Surgeries

Linda Evans Possible Plastic Surgeries

Linda Evans Possible plastic surgeries

When you compare previous pictures of Evans to the recent ones, anyone can easily recognise the change on her face. The suspected surgeries of Linda Evans are rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, fillers, cheek implants and blepharoplasty.


Rhinoplasty is nose job where your nose is tampered in such a way that you get a better shape of it as desired or something that suits your face cut and size.Linda surely went under nose job thats quite evident from a mere look at her pictures. Her old images represent Natural Linda while new images clearly shout out of cosmetic help. Previous pics looks all different and now her nose seems straight .

Lip Augmentation

Lip surgery has been suspected as her lips look bigger and puffed which are visible in her recent photographs. And her cheeks appear to be filled up, to enhance her beauty and appearance. The above mentioned surgeries are quite obvious.



From her recent pics, it has been speculated that she had undergone facelift, as her face is wrinkle free and doesn’t have saggy skin at this age.


It is a method to change the shape of eyes and her eyes seems different in recent photographs. To enhance her look, she had a brow lift. Evan’s surgeries are not considered as subtle rather coarse.  Unlike other superstars Linda has been the most vocal of them all about her surgerical procedures. She might opted for a wrong surgeon or she herself took an overdose of them in order to achieve the perfect lool. But it’s well said “excess of everything is bad”. Apart from experts, Linda herself admitted during her public appearance that the result of the surgeries weren’t satisfactory.Poor results and her age are probably the two reasons why she has halted and is not willing to undergo any of the artificial treatment.  She is focusing on better things now like cooking. She even released her own book on the same. There is a lot of similartiy between linda and Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Photos.

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