HOT!! Amazon Kindle for just $9 for select Customers!

Amazon Kindle $9?!

Amazon Kindle for just $9 for select Customers
HOT!!!! have given some of their customers an offer for $40 off any select Kindle.  Check to see if you have the offer by logging into your account and looking for a banner that reads Save $40 on any Kindle on the homepage. It’s appearing for some people but not for others. Keep hitting refresh to see if you get it.

Some people  are receiving emails instead with a $60 off any Kindle offer, so make sure to check your email just in case. Just click on the banner if you see it and you’ll be able to score an Amazon Kindle for just $9

Final cost if you received the $60 off offer email will be just $9 (with $60 off email) or as low as $29 (with $40 off banner offer) plus you get Free shipping!

Hurry, I’m sure this will go quickly!

10/26 UPDATE: You can also CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible.

NOTE: I hesitated to even post this because I don’t want people to be disappointed if they didn’t get it, but it seems to be working for about half of you.  It seems to be appearing to random Prime members and is possibly related to browsing/purchase history.  Maybe only to those who’ve never bought a Kindle before.

Thanks, Time 2 Save

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