Happy Family – $20,000 Cash Sweepstakes Ending Soon! 8/31/13

Happy Family – $20,000 ! 8/31/13

Happy Family - $20,000 Cash Sweepstakes Happy Family - $20,000 Cash Sweepstakes

Do you have your own funny feeding story? Share the story and/or picture or video for a chance to win the Happy Family – $20,000 Cash Sweepstakes. If you win, that’s cash for your child’s education!

I wish sweepstakes like this were around when my daughter was still a kid! I had the perfect picture! She was eating spaghetti and got it all over, her face, clothes, high chair and there she sat with a big ol smile! LOL Adorable is all I could say and snapped the picture :)

Good Luck!

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